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Weldtite Tyre Levers 2.0

Built and developed to remove the tightest tyre, Tyre Levers 2.0 are the solution for quick and easy tyre removal and installation.

Designed with ease of use in mind, these levers are long (130mm) offering unparalleled leverage. The body of the lever includes bevelled edges and embossed grips for maximum efficiency. Improving the ergonomics of the product further, Tyre Levers 2.0 are curved to fit smoothly within the palm of the hand.

Additional features include; hooked lip which anchors on the rim and acts as a pivot to encourage the tyre from the wheel, two tubeless valve core tools are included (at different angles) and a Schrader valve decompressor which is built into the base of the levers.

Łyżki do opon Weldtite Tyre Levers 2.0

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