Mocowanie akcesoriów do siodła Specialized Road Bandit

Nowy Obniżka! Mocowanie akcesoriów do siodła Specialized Road Bandit


Specialized Road Bandit

So you like to keep your rig running minimalist but practical? Maybe you prefer to tape a spare tube and CO2 to your frame to keep the profile and weight low? The Bandit is the best of both worlds in terms of simplicity and utility for road riders. Its compact form bolts under your SWAT compatible saddle and features a simple, Velcro strap with individual compartments for tube, CO2, and tire lever. One rip of the strap and you?re in, with easy to access everything you need to fix a flat in the middle of a race, when time is of the essence.

  • Uniquely designed to bolt directly under a saddle with SWAT?-compatible mounts.
  • Individual compartments for a CO2 valve head, road tube, two-sided tire lever (included), and a 16g CO2 cartridge for compact and secure storage.
  • Fits up to 80mm long tube valve stems.
  • Tough, lightweight, water resistant Velcro? strap.
  • Tire lever and CO2 head included; tube and CO2 cartridge sold separately.

Mocowanie akcesoriów do siodła Specialized Road Bandit

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