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Catlike Mixino EVO

The Mixino EVO Mips is an evolution of the original Mixino helmet. It was developed in conjunction with our professional athletes with the aim of creating the most ventilated, lightest and safest road cycling helmet.

The Mixino Evo has been redesigned to be even more ventilated, with almost 40 percent of its front area open. The 18 front air intakes direct airflow around the rider’s head through air channels, exiting through the rear vents with heat and perspiration.

Comfort has been improved with a better-fit thanks to the MPS EVO fit system and the use of MIPS® Air Node technology, which also increases the level of safety exponentially.

The helmet is constructed with an aramid mesh inside the EPS lining. This technology increases the structural rigidity of the helmet and distributes the impact force of a collision over a greater volume of material, thus reducing the energy transmitted to the head.

Technical Features

Mips Air is a safety system that reduces the rotational forces transmitted to the brain during impacts. Integrated into the helmet lining, it allows a movement of 10-15 mm in relation to the energy absorption layer in any direction. This is possible thanks to a treated polycarbonate structure, secured by specialized fasteners.

The aramid mesh is the “skeleton” that works to dissipate the energy of an impact throughout the helmet, increasing its energy absorption. This structure also helps keep the helmet together in the event of a collision.

The air intakes have been strategically positioned so that any impact affects more than one internal structure: in the event of a collision, the energy generated will be distributed throughout the structure, significantly increasing head protection.

Almost 40 percent of the front area is open to a total of 18 air inlets and 20 air outlets connected to airflow channels.

At just 230g, the Mixino Evo will make you forget you’re wearing a helmet. It is distinguished by its ventilation and weight.

Exclusive divider that keeps the retention straps away from the ears, ensuring maximum comfort while wearing the helmet.

fit system
 flexible 4-point adjustment system

230g (Size MD)

SM 52 – 54 cm | 20,5 – 21,3″
MD 55 – 57 cm | 21,7 – 22,4″
LG 58 – 60 cm | 22,8 – 23,6″


Above-average ventilation Almost 40 percent of the front area is open to a total of 18 air inlets and 20 air outlets connected to airflow channels.

Honeycomb construction together with internal aramid mesh for greater rigidity and absorption of impact energy.

MIPS® air knuckle reduces rotational forces during impacts for greater safety and comfort.

MPS EVO flexible 4-point adjustment system.

Smaller volume construction for a better aerodynamic experience

3M™ rear reflector sticker

Compatibility with sunglasses

Kask rowerowy Catlike Mixino EVO

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Sailor Blue, Brilliant White, Citadel, Malachite Green, Poppy Seed



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