Spodenki Specialized Atlas XC Pro (8)

Obniżka! Spodenki Specialized Atlas XC Pro (2018)

Spodenki Specialized Atlas XC Pro (8)

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  • VaporRize™ woven fabrics are highly stretchable, lightweight, and durable, while retaining a heightened focus on moisture management to leave you cool, dry, and comfortable out on the trail.
  • Two zippered pockets provide convenient, secure space to store your trail essentials, while a SWAT™ access side zipper interfaces seamlessly with SWAT™ bib shorts for immediate access to your gear and nutrition.
  • Bonded seam construction eliminates the need for traditional stitched seams, drastically reducing weight and friction while improving comfort, fit, and long-term durability.
  • Laser perforated venting adds sophisticated points of ventilation that don't detract from the durability or performance of the shorts.
  • Removable liner with Body Geometry Mountain Chamois is light and breathable, while the chamois effectively relieves pressure on the soft tissue and encourages proper blood flow.
  • Deflect® UV 50+ protects your skin from harmful, ultraviolet rays.
  • 12.5" inseam with tapered leg fit (size 34" waist) falls above the knees, leaving ample room for pads without interfering on climbs.

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