Koszyk na bidon Elite Vico Glam blue

Obniżka! Koszyk na bidon Elite Vico Glam blue


Elite Vico Glam

Glamour and Performance blend together.

The eye-catching Vico Glam screams style with its sleek lines and vibrant colors.

The peloton-proven design holds your bottle lock tight yet offering easy in-and-out accessibility.

Construction made in durable reinforced fiberglass. 

New iridescent finish

The Vico Glam new collection includes a new model for your bike gear featuring iridescent metallic coating designed to make any bike frame shine and stand out.

Secure bottle retention

The new design features a front structure made to fully embrace the bottle and improve bottle retention even in challenging conditions, such as high-speed descents, rough terrains or off-road paths.

Quick and easy bottle insertion and extraction

Featuring a unique shape designed to make bottle insertion and removal easier and smooth, so you won?t be distracted from the road ahead during your wicked rides.

Koszyk na bidon Elite Vico Glam blue

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