Koszyk na bidon Elite Cannibal XC

Obniżka! Koszyk na bidon Elite Cannibal XC


Cannibal XC

Cannibal XC is a very versatile bottlecage.

Side insertion is the main feature of this bottlecage.

Innovative, practical and winning

Cannibal XC features a modern and innovative design, created so the cyclist could easily insert and extract the bottle from the front or the side with one simple move.

The first that adapts to the bottle

Light and resistant, Cannibal XC ensures a great hold on the bottle under any circumstance, even the most challenging ones.

It's compatible with all frames, although considering its features the Cannibal XC is particularly suited for small slooping frames (with smaller central triangle).

Mounting it on the bike's frame is quick and simple, so there's a wide range of positions to suit every need.

Koszyk na bidon Elite Cannibal XC

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69,00 zł

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✓ Odbiór osobisty w 4 punktach

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