Koszulka Specialized Trail Air Short Sleeve Damska

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 What?s better than ripping down the mountain, your riding absolutely on point? Staying plenty cool while doing it. Our new Trail Air Short Sleeve jersey uses VaporRize?, a super lightweight, breathable fabric, that keeps you cool, while feeling comfortable against your skin and protecting you from ultraviolet rays and trial side foliage.
  • VaporRize? fabric is made from our most breathable, lightweight fabric that uses a Recycled Polyester blend to create its superior wicking ability.
  • Crew neck collar keeps things casual and comfortable.
  • Deflect? UV 30 protects your skin from harmful, ultraviolet rays.
  • Women's Specific Regular Mountain Bike Fit is generous and comfortable.
  • Fabric Content: KNIT 87% POLYESTER, 13% SPANDEX

Koszulka Specialized Trail Air Short Sleeve Damska

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