Chwyty kierownicy Specialized Enduro XL Locking Grips

Chwyty rowerowe Specialized Enduro XL Locking Grips


Specialized Enduro XL Locking Grips

Our Enduro XL Locking Grips are designed to outperform the rigors of all mountain and enduro riding. That's why they feature a dual-density compound. This means that the inner core is thicker than your average grip in order to deal with shock, while the outer part has a softer density to better absorb vibrations. And to put the "grip" into these grips, we also gave them a textured pattern for no-slip performance on the trail. The version found here also has a secure, locking design that's all but guaranteed to stay put when the trail gets rough, plus a thicker diameter for an even plusher feel at the bars. Put it all together, and you're looking at grips that are going to leave your hands comfortable and fresh over your whole ride.

  • Super tacky, yet durable, grip provides superior control.
  • Higher-density inner core for secure bar attachment.
  • Softer, extra-thick padding for comfort and shock absorption.
  • Textured pattern provides non-slip performance.
  • Easily installed locking clamp with 3mm bolt head ensures secure attachment.
  • Softer density on the outside for excellent vibration damping.
  • Diameter: 32mm

Chwyty kierownicy Specialized Enduro XL Locking Grips

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